About Us

We are a tech company that has leveraged 35 years of manufacturing experience to empower interior designers to leverage their brand by creating their own furniture.


All of our furniture is handmade in Los Angeles. It is carefully crafted with strict quality control at every step of the way.

No Middlemen!

No physical stores. No middlemen. We streamline the process and cut out the fuss, saving you money.

Within Reach

That $8,000 dining table… we'll make it for you for $3,000. Leveraging technology, our experience, and cutting out the middlemen saves you between 30-60% off retail.

Dream Bigger

Showroom is the only place to create your own personally branded furniture line by simply sharing sketches, pictures, or drawings on the platform. There are no hidden fees or tricks.

Never Wonder

You shouldn't have to wait days — or even weeks — to know the status of your order. You shouldn't have to visit a showroom to speak to a rep. And it shouldn't take you ten days to simply complete an order. Our easy-to-use mobile app allows you to communicate with your design advisor every step of the way. Get a real-time status of your order — whether it's being processed, sent to the factory, or out for delivery. Access and organize all of your customers, orders, and past purchases with the touch of a button. Now that’s revolution.

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